20 DECEMBER 1828, Page 14



Gill, Balld,m. Yorkshire, - E. Barnsley and It. ,orers-1-1. W. and P. C. Wood, Wake-

Yorkshire, grocers-J. Hce1miffce and T. , Newcastle-upon-Tyne. commis:slim-

field, wool •. .14,rs-A. jd: aers-J. taark and C, Tionnas, agents-'I'. ail It. W., I t ti.', o lioro „ Biontaga.i I

Latteast , Pot. t, •

Dert,Lo Bate-icy, Miles-lt. Fu D.P. Hicks, East: u.o di:, -.1,,e, chambers, Lothbury, attorneys.


Dee. 13-Thomas Hodgson Leighton, Myth, Northumberland, manufacturing- chemist.

Dee, 15-William Whiting, Manchester, oil of vitriol-manufacturer.

n.sxKm, UPTCYSUPERSEDED, John Bissell, Tipton, Staffordshire, baker.


William Edmund Smith, Rotherhithe, boat-builder, to surrender Dec. 23, Jan. 6, 27, at the Bankrapts' Court, Basinghall-street • solicitor, Mr. Dashwood, Three Crown-square, Southwark. Richard Blackburn, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire, printer, Dec. 19, at the Court-house, Wakefield, Dec. 20, Jan. 27, at the New Inn, Dewsbury: solicitor, Mr. high/floor, Walbrook ititigie, John Serbutt, Battersea, victualler, Dec. 19, 30, Jan. 27, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basiughall-street : solicitor, Mr. Norton, New-street, Illshopsgate. Thomas Appleton, White Horse-court, High-street, Southwark, hop-merchant, Dec. 19, 30, Jan. 27, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street: solicitors, Messrs. Piercey and Oakley, Union-street, Southwark.

James Harper, Reading, draper, Dec. 23, Jan. 9, 27, at the Bankrupts' Court, Ba- singball-street: solicitor, Mr. Jones, Sise-lane.

William Fullwood, Birmingham, victualler, Dec. 26, 27, Jan. 27, at the Globe Ta- vern, Birmingham : solicitors, Messrs. Norton and Chaplin, Gray's-inn-square. John White, Wakefield, carpenter, Dec. 26, 27, Jan. 27, at the Sessions-house, Wakefield : solicitors, Messrs. Evans, Stevens, and Evans, Gray's-inn-square.


Jan. 9, 0. Bunyon, Jerusalem Coffee-house, Cornhill, master-mariner-Jan. 13, R. Clarence, Clare, Suffolk, chemist-Jan. 7, J. Nabb, Blanchester, grocer-Jan. 7, R. Parkinson, Wimeswould, Leicestershire, lace-mauufacturer-Jan. 9, N. Shiers, Alclermanbury, warehouseman-Jams, J. Whittenbury, Manchester, cotton-spinner -Jan. 9, T. 1. Pierce, Lime-street, merchant-Jan. 9, S. Candler and T. %V. Y. Col- linson, 'Prince's-street, Leicester-square, grocers-Jan. 8, .1. Knibbs, Oxford, inn- keeper-Jan. 13, It. Lumbers, Chester, draper-Jan. 6, R. Emmerson, Colmar:- street, packer-Jan. 9, S. Powell, Liverpool, merchant-Jan. G, M, Howitt, High Holborn, ironinonger-Jan. 6, J. Ashton, Tottenham-coart-road, mercer-Jan. 0, S. Wagstaff and T. Baylis, Kidderminster, carpet-manu fact urers-Jan. 6, C. Crooken- den and G. Spilsbury, Bermondsey, tanners-Jan. 6, T. White, Lower Brook-street, Grosvenor-square, tailor-Jan. 9, T. Gough, Stockport, Cheshire, builder-Jan. 9, BS. Tolson, Regent-street, St. illarylehone, milliner-Jan. ID, F. Von Roy, Kingston- upon-}hill, merchant-Jan. 9, S. Warren, Tiverton, Devonshire, vinegar-merchant -Jan. 19, T. Dickinson, Goldsbrough, Yorkshire, blacksmith-Jam 9, .1. Holdgate, Blanchester, calenderer-Jan. 14, W. Reueil, Monmouth, skinner-Jan. 6, 1'. Hig- gins, Nottingham, baker.

CERTIFICATES To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before Jan. 6.

C. B. Passman, Stafford, scrivener-F. Allen, Newbury, tea-man-J. Fountain, St.Neot's, Hmmntiugdonlmire, draper-W. Hanslow, jun. Abingdon, Berkshire, grocer -G. Smith, Reading, linen-draper.

Friday, Dec. 19. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. J. Jones and R. Edwards, Wrexham, Denbighshire, plumbers-F. Dunn and T. Howdle, Drypool, Yorkshire, mustard-manufacturers-T. Burford and \V. Briggs, Waterloo-terrace, Commercial-road, tea.dlealers-W. Morrison and J. Watt, Fen- church-street, booksellers-J. and W. Pattison and J. Kennedy, Glasgow and St. Lucia West ladies-J. and T. Hague and NV. Allen, Malton and Driffield, York- shire, W. Hick, J. R. Tilstone, and R. March, Cheapside, hatters-W. Bower, J. Walker, A. Bower, and S. Thornley, Manchester and Levenshulme, cot- ton-spinners-J. Young and .1. Allen, Ainwick, Northumberland, drapers-C., J., and .F. Stockwell, brewers-H. Unthoi1 and J. H. Standon, attornies-H. and W. J. Piekworth, Great Scotland-yard, coal merchants-D. Duthoit and W. Cooper, Bow-churchyard, wholesale hosiers-J. and F. B. Cooke, Gloeester, attornies-T. Street, H. Millington, and T. W. Gilbert, Brabant-court, Philpot-lane, a.ttornies ; as far as regards H. Millington.


Dee. 19-William Leckie, Aciam's-court, Old Broad-street, insurance-broker. 11ANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED.

Thomas Total:ins, John Buckler, and Frederick Thomas, Packer's-court, Cole- mau-street, Blackwell-hall-factors; from Dec. 26 to Jan. 13.

John Parkes, jun. Mark.lane and Leyton, Essex, sacking-merchant, from Dec. 23 to Feb. 10.


Thomas Clark, Union-street, Blackfriars, Bridge-road, Lambeth, and Chatham, victualler and linen-draper.

11.A.WKIL U rTS.

John Brown, Greenwich, cornier, to surrender Dec. 30, Jan. 2, 30, at the Bank- rupts' Court, Basinehall-street : solicitors, Messrs. Carter and Gregory, Lord Mayor's Court-office, Royal Exchange. Richard Vinton, Union-street, Old Artillery.groand, tailor, Dee. 30, Jan. 2, 39, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street solicitor, Mr. Norton, New-street,


James Clark, Kensington-grovel-pits, victualler, Dec. 26, Jan. 2, 30, at the Bank- rupts' Court, Basinghall.street , solicitor, Mr. Crunch, ni on-conrt;Old Broad-street. David James, Alinories, woollen-draper, Dec. 211, Jan. 2, SO, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basingliall-street : solicitor, Mr.Thomas, Fen-court, Fenchurch-street. George Corser, George Naylor, and Joseph Hassell, Whitchurch, Shropshire, bankers, Jan. 9, 10, :91, at the White Lion Inn, Whitchurch : solicitors, Messrs. Dawson and Hawkins, New Boswell-court, Carey-street. William Kaye, Almondbury, Yorkshire, fancy cloth-manufacturer, Jan. 9, 10, :30, at the George Inn, Huddersfield , solicitor, Mr. Fenton, Austinfriars.

John Dickenson, Almondbury, Yorkshire, fancy cloth-manufacturer, Jan. 9, 10, 30, at the George Inn, Huddersfield : solicitor, Mr. Fenton, Austinfriars. John Tombs, Kempsford, Gioeestershire, cattle-dealer, Jan. 2. 0,311, at the Bank- rupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitors, Messrs. Sharpe and Field, Bread-street, Cheapside.

Lawrence Williams. Grove-cottage, Holloway, merchant, Jan. 2, 6, 30, at the Ban krupts' Court, Basinghall.strect : solicitor, Mr. Ogle, Great Winchester-street, Old Broad-street.

William itlealing, High Wycombe, cabinet-maker, Dec. 26, Jan. 2, :10, at the Bank- rupts' Court, Basingliall-street : solicitor, Mr. Goddard, Thavies-inn.

William Linsdell, Tower-royal, Watiing,-street, and Bennett's-hill, Doctors'-win- moo:', umbrella-manufacturer, Dee. 20, Jan. 2, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basi dig- hall-street : solicitor, Mr. Webster, Queen. street, Cheapsicie. Henry Richard Kirkman, St. Paul's Ciutrch-yard, silk-warehouseman, Jan. 0, 13, 30, at the Bankrupt,' Court, Be.singhall-street : solicitor, Mr. Turner, Basing-lane. Joseph Moore, Camden-town, builder, Jan. 9, 23, 30, at the Bankrupt's Court, 7i:::ua hull-street : solicitors, Messrs. End ngton and Chiles Bond court, Walbrook. Edward Gibbs. Thcobald's-meal, Red Lion-,quare, turn-chandler, Jan. 9, 10, 30, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basingliall-street : solicitor, Mr. Hall, Great Junius-street, Bedford-row.

.1 1;;:is Colemaidstreet, and Barnet, clionet.r. Dec. 211„YAVI.

71- •: itixon,Jury-street,Abie.ne. .. il;lit:iti-FtrC'„ imreer, Dee- elan. 2, 3,1, al.

l• -`: . Messrs. Garen and Price, Or- '; ; c:rrpeitter, lire. 20, Jan. 2, at the Bankrupts' , at the Crown

Td • . mors, Messrs. Hutchinson and Imeson, Crown-court,

reet, Commercial-road, victoalier, Dec. 211, Jan. 6, 30, at : s41eitor, Mr. Dover, Great Winchester-

s::: • Dec. :a:, 31, Jan. 3:1, :lie

N it allo Chaplin, Gray 's- 0 n -sit.

-manufacturer. jou. It, 7, at, the

• ,: 24,, :es. Clarke,

. . - , :i:::,;ii;:-1,,,';::1-■1::11■IfaCtilre re, : . .iicitm-Y,,, Messrs. But- Jan. 9, J. lf ion, 12, P. Stone, Bristol, arocer -Jan. 9, W. Ili errell(ld, Kiddern ti o , cr, coach-maker-Jan. 9, .1. _Ashton, Totten- ham-court-road, mercer-Jan. 9, T. Collins, Avellary-street, Poole-street, New North-road, lioxton, victualler-Jan. 9, J. Shew, Theohald's-road, broker-Jan. 9, P. Burke, Haymarket, victualler-Jan-9, J. and 'f. Poyntcm, Brook-street, Holborn, anti Sheffield, merchants-Jan. 19, 1). Wells, Friskney, Lincolnshire, merchaiit- Jan. 1-1, J. A. Kemp, Prittlewell, Essex, miller-.Tan. 18, T. and S. Wilkinson, Not- tingham, hosiers-Jan. 16, W. Hill, Bow, miller-Jan. 13, W. and J. illalam, Lin- coln, bone-cutters.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before Jan. 0.

J. Tanner, Wickwar, Gloucestershire, tailor-W. Lockwood, East Barnet, Hat. fordshire, bookseller--a, Gilbert, Ilishopsgate4treet without, grocer, T110111:1S F.liix, Sfir.

the littokropls' street,


Cerogo `;■