20 DECEMBER 1845, Page 10

Dufaure is to be the Opposition candidate for the Presidency

of the Cham- ber of Deputies. Ministers will, however, make the election a Cabinet question.

M. Sauzet will, consequently (in all likelihood) be reelected.—Paris Correspondent gf the Times.

The Frankfort Journal publishes accounts from Athens, of the 23d Novem ber, stating that a gun-shot had been fired into the Palace of the King on the night of the 16th; but by whom or with what intention had not been ascertained.

The Journal des Debats extends to the Duke of Norfolk's philanthropy an European fame; but it improves upon his great curry-powder provision for the cold and hungry: " How is it that the idea never suggested itself, that those who bad no potatoes might eat truffles?" That subterranean delicacy is indeed more germane to potatoes; but perhaps the expense would occasion difficulty? The French editor, however, becomes graver, and remarks, that "when a people raise questions about food, it would be well to make more serious replies."