20 DECEMBER 1845, Page 10

Last night's Gazette announces some minor appointments,—the Earl of Dal-

housie to be Clerk of the Registers and Rolls in Scotland; Colonel the Honour- able Sir Edward Cust, K.C.H., to be Assistant-Master of the Ceremonies to the Queen, and Lieutenant-Colonel William Henry Cornwall: to be Marshal of the Ceremonies, both offices having become vacant by the death of Mr. Thomas Sey- mour Hyde; Dr. W. C. Hoffmeister and Mr. William Cass to be Apothecaries in Ordinary to her Majesty in the Isle of Wight; Mr. Alexander Nasmyth to be surgeon-Dentist; and Sir George Jackson to be Commissioner in the Mixed Bri- tish and Portuguese Commission at Loando.

Several judicious and economical changes in the dress and equipment of the Army have been officially announced: they consist of an elastic leather stock in place of the present stiff one, thick cotton shirts instead of linen, and the substi- tution of light worsted trousers in place of white linen or duck.

The Liberals of Bradford resolved yesterday to bring forward Mr. Busfeild and Colonel Thompson.—Leeds Mercury, December 20.

The Metropolitan Visiting and Relief Association met yesterday, to receive the annual report. It represented the Association as gradually accomplishing the ends for which it was established. It was mentioned, that in one district scarcely a year happened in which two or three poor persons had not perished from want of food, but that nothing of the kind had occurred since the society commenced operations.

Two Norwegians, Knute Boll, described as an artist, and Peter Schmidt, a merchant, were tried yesterday at the Central Criminal Court on the charge of unlawfully having in their possession a block of brass bearing a forged engraving of a Norwegian bank-note. They were convicted, and sentenced to tourteen years' transportation.