20 DECEMBER 1845, Page 10



The week commenced as brightly as the last closed gloomily. The delay in the formation of the new Ministry being taken as an earnest of the return of Sir Robert Peel to power, the prices of the Funds rose; Consols for Acccount having reached 924. As reports of the formation of the Whig Cabinet prevailed, prices declined, and fell as low as 92#; oscillating between that price and 924, till this morning; when, as soon as the fact of the installation of Lord John Russell as Prime Minister 'became known, the price fell again to 921: it has since improved to 924, and closes at that quotation. It will be inferred from this statement of the fluctuations that the business transacted has not been very extensive. A large speculation for the fall is now on foot, based upon the probability of do- mestic discord, the drain of bullion for grain, and misunderstanding with the United States. The monied public, however, who always buy when prices de- cline, have cleared the market of Stock; and unless some alarm take place to in- duce the real holders to sell, the speculators will find it difficult to provide the Stock they have sold. The message of the President of the United States to Congress is anxiously looked for, and may be expected to arrive about Christmas-day. Money is in demand at between 34 and 4 per cent. The pre- mium of Exchequer Bills has declined about 48. : they are now quoted at 17s. 19s.

In the Foreign Market, prices generally are rather firmer. Spanish Stock has experienced a considerable rise; the Three per Cents having been in especial de- mend, as the time for the dividend (on the 31st) approaches: this Stock has risen about 1 per cent. The Five per Cents have advanced, though not to the same extent; and the Passive and Deferred Stocks are without variation.

There is no material change in Railway Shares. Prices of the better class are rather firmer, in the almost total absence of business. A decided change for the better was observable in the state of the markets on Tuesday last, the settling- day. For the last few months the return of these days has been characterized by a very great demand for money, and most exorbitant rates of interest were given to carry over Shares. On the last settling-day, however, the case was quite altered: almost all the purchases during the Account had been for investment; and a demand for Shares instead of one for money existed: an indication of a more healthy state of the market than we have been able to notice for a long time The Scrip Shares are with few exceptions neglected: the London and York are higher, and have been today at 1 premium; but generally there is an indisposi- tion to this kind of property, aggravated by the uncertainty existing as to the dissolution of Parliament.

The French Shares are nearly the same. The concession of the Paris and Lyons line will occur in Paris tomorrow: it is understood that there will not be any competition for it, and that it will be granted to the Amalgamated Com- panies. The near approach of this event has not tended in any way to excite specu- lation, and scarcely any variation has occurred in the Shares of the Constituted line or in those of the Amalgamated Companies. The few transactions in Foreign Shares during the last few days have been at rather better prices; and the Paris Share Market is stated to he in a much healthier state than at any period since the recent crisis.


The transactions of the morning have been unimportant. At the opening of business Consols for Account were done at 924; the price has since receded tO 924; and is now 924 4. No change in the prices of Foreign Bonds. The trans- actions in Railway Shares have not been extensive; but markets generally have rather a firmer appearance. The French Shares also are rather higher, in con- sequence of the steadiness of the Paris market. The following are the only bar- Lains yet recorded. Eastern Counties, 191; Great North of England, (New,) 47; ancaster and Carlisle, 42; Brighton, 611; Croydon, 20# 4; Constituted North of France, 131; Paris and Lyons, Lafittes, 24.

SATURDAY, TWO O'CLOCK. The English Funds have fluctuated considerably; Consols for Account having been at 924. The price however declined slightly before the termination of business, and closes at 92# 4. The extremes of variation in price have been about 1, and the market closes within 1 of the highest. Very little business has taken place in the Foreign Funds, the prices of which are generally firmer than in the morning.

3 per Cent Consols..... Shut.

Columbian ex Venezuela • • . 154 161

Ditto for Account 92t- Danish 3 per Cents 86 8 3 per Cent Reduced 92i I Dutch 24 per Cents

31 per Cents 944 f Ditto 4 per Cents 60 93 Long Annuities 10 5-16 I Mexican 5 per Cents 29i 30 Bank Stock 200 201 Ditto Deferred 16 4 Exchequer Bills Prem. 18 20 Portuguese New 5 p. Cts. 1841 57 9 India Stock Shut. Ditto 4 per Cents 1845 Prem. 57 9 Brazilian 5 per Cents 79 81 Russian 5 per Cents .ex dlv. 110 112 Belgian 44 per Cents 94 96 Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents 284 9 Chillan 6 per Cents 95 97 Ditto 3 per Cents 1842


The Railway transactions have been extensive, but the tone of the various markets is good. We can only notice the occurrence of the following bargains, in addition to those given in the morning.

Share. Paid. Business done.

25 Cambridge and Lincoln 14 24 34

25 Cambridge and Lincoln, New 14 2f 30 Great North of England, New 2 47 50 Great Western, Half-shares ao 86 20 Great Western, Fifth-shares 20 34

Stock London and Birmingham 100 213 Is

32 London and Birmingham, Thirds 10 414

Average London and Blackwall 16.13.4 84

London and Blackwell, New 14 34 Share.

50 London and Brighton

Average London and Croydon Average London and South-western


13.15.9 41.6.10

Business done.

20} 1 73 50 London and York 21


40 Manchester and Birmingham 40 70 1 40 Midland, New 12 25}

Stock Midland, Birmingham, and Derby 100 112

.4rerage South-eastern and Dover

32.3.4 34}

50 South-eastern and Dover, New, No. 1 12 14

50 South-eastern and Dover, New, No. 3 2 2' 3 25 York and Scarborough Branch 25 50i


20 Great Northern of France, Constituted 5 13}

20 Luxembourg 4 21

20 Orleans and Bordeaux 6 10}

20 Paris and Lyons (La ac's)



20 Paris and Lyons (Ganneron's) 3 3}