20 DECEMBER 1845, Page 9


Aaaivzo-At Gravesend, 16th Dec. Clipper, Perelle, from the Cape ; and Caribbean, Fleming, from Mauritius ; and 17th, Curraghmore, Ball, from Calcutta. In the Downs, 16th, Thomas and Henry, Churchward, from Calcutta ; and Clara, Crow, from Bombay ; 17th, Ganges, M`Donald, from Sydney ; Plantagenet, Domett, from Calcutta ; and Galatea, Owen, from the Cape ; 16th, Birman, Guthrie ; and Leila Rookh, Kenney, from Calcutta ; City of Poonah, Hight ; and Jane Catlieriue, Hill, from Madras ; and Iiiindost-in, Lamb, from Bombay. Off Falmouth, 17th, Dutchess of Lelnster, Renfree, - nom Calcutta. At Liverpool, 15th, Courier, Smith ; and Hope, Crawford, from Cal- cutta; 16th, Lucinda, Scollag, from Bombay ; and 18th, Antilla, -, from Calcutta. Off Cork, -, Litherland, Freeman, from Hongkong. At the Cape, previous to 21st Oct. True Briton, - ; Carnatie, 'dyne ; Northumberland, Pollock ; G. H. Harrison, Scott ; and Wellington, Kenrick, from London ; and Indus, Taylor, from.Bombay.

SAILED--From ...4ravesend, 13th Dec. Varunna, Mould, for Calcutta ; and 16th, John Oldham, County, for Bombay. From Bristol, 12th, Ennerdale, Boodle, for Calcutta. From Liverpool, 12th, Hope, Greenock; and Countess of Arran, Turner, for Calcutta ; 13th, Everthorpe, Reid ; and Agnes Ewing, Reid, for ditto ; 14th, Breadalbaue, Hamil- ton; and Columbus, Eddie, for ditto ; and 17th, Patriot King, Roddock, for ditto. From the Clyde, 11th, Chosen, Laird, for Bombay ; and 12th, Oriental, 3PFie, for



Amity-an-At Gravesend, 19th Dec. William Wright, Corlett, from the Cape. In the Downs, ditto, Psyche, Irving, from Hobart Town ; Margaret Poynter, Jamieson, from Singapore ; and Nereid, Newby, from the Cape. Off Liverpool, ditto, Helena, Black ; and Eliza Jane, from Calcutta. At Greenock, 17th, Bombay, Moore, from Moulmein,