20 DECEMBER 1935, Page 19


[To the Editor of Tut SPECTATOR.] Ste,—In The Spectator of December 6th, page 964, Mr. John Prioleau says : " As a matter of fact, it. (the 30 m.p.h. speed limit) is widely dish regarded, and my own experience in most congested parts of the country is that very few drivers of any sort of motor vehicle slow down for the limit except where the presence of uniformed policemen makes it obviously rash not to do so."

His experience and the experience of most drivers whom I have spoken to on the subject is different from mine ; there are cer- tainly a number of drivers who take no notice of the speed limit unless obliged to, but I think the greater number con- scientiously try to obey the law. It seems to me that if papers of the standing of The Spectator are going to giVe the impression that the 30-mile limit is going to be treated in the way the old 20-mile limit was, our task of dealing with this and any other motoring law is being made even more difficult than it is at