20 DECEMBER 1935, Page 2

Great Britain and Germany Following on a recent visit of

the French Ambassador in Berlin to Herr Hitler, the British Ambassador, Sir Eric Phipps, was on Friday received by the Fahrer. The communiqué issued as a result of the meeting was, as usual, meagre, and speculation regarding the subjects of the conversation was, as usual, lavish. Actually there is no reason to believe that anything more than an exchange of views, leading to no visible progress in any particular direction, took place. Germany is watching the European situation closely—end at the moment, it may be assumed, sardonically—with the fixed resolve to keep her own path and commit herself to no one. That was the policy laid down by Herr Hitler in his last speech on international affairs, and there is. nothing to suggest that he has changed his mind. The conclusion of the proposed Western Air Pact is much to, be desired, and Herr Hitler is believed to favour it, but there is not much prospect of getting agreements between London, Paris and Berlin till the air clears in the south. It is obviously useful for the British Ambassador to keep touch with Herr Hitler, particularly in view of the part the latter plays personally in the determination of German foreign policy, but not helpful that every visit to the Chancellery should be treated as a cUmarche.

* * * *