20 DECEMBER 1935, Page 38


I am entirely in agreement with Sir Harold Snagge when, in proposing a vote of thanks to the Staff of Barclays Bank (D. C. & 0.) at the recent annual meeting, he observed that the history of the Bank, short though it had been, was already a romance and might well in time become an epic. In that connexion he paid a high tribute to the guidance of the late Chairman, the late Mr. F. C. Goodenough, and to the former General Manager, Sir John Caulcutt. The latest Report of the Bank was an excellent one, showing an increase in profits and a rise in the dividend for the year from 5 to 5f per cent. In the course of his remarks at the meeting, the present. Chairman, Mr. Herbert Leslie Melville Tritton; dealt at length with recent developments in the various countries where the Bank's operations are carried on, with special reference to the growth of activity in business in South Africa where con- ditions, of course, have been favourably affected by the prosperity of the gold mining industry.