20 DECEMBER 1946, Page 17

THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF ENGLAND SIR, —The Evangelical Church of England,

with headquarters at Pres- ton, Lancashire, is not in communion with the Protestant Evangelical Church of England—a newly created body—the Evangelical Church of India, or the Catholic and Apostolic Church to whose hierarchy the Bishops of the above Churches belong, neither has this Church any con- nection at all with the University of North Madras or the London College of Theology. Students for the ministry of this Church must either go through the officially recognised and established universities of this country, the continents of Europe and North America, or, in special cases where circumstances do not permit otherwise, take a correspondence course of studies under the direction of Burlington House, Cambridge.—Yours Archdeacon, The Evangelical Church of England. 2 Walton's Parade, Fishergate Hill, Preston, Lancs.