20 DECEMBER 1946, Page 26

Two Centuries of Foxhunting. By A. Henry Higginson. (Collins. 15s.)

APART from his literary work, Mr. Higginson will long be remem-

bered as master of the Cattistock and South Dorset Hounds. He brought to the County of Dorset, however, not only the benefit of many years' experience as a Master of Hounds in the United States, but a fluent pen and a taste for research among the records of the chase. His particular asset as a writer is his ability to weave the .story of American foxhunting into that of English foxhunting, a task which he has creditably performed in this well-published and well-illustrated though rather disjointed book. To the English story Mr. Higginson has but little original material to contribute, but his authorities are well chosen and the extracts from them make delightful, if mainly familiar, reading. One unfamiliar epic of the chase is the account by Mr. Mostyn Pritchard of the great Horninghold run with Mr. Fernie's Hounds on February 25th, tsar, and even for that thrill alone the book would well deserve a place on the fc:thunter's shelves.