20 DECEMBER 1957, Page 18


SIR,—Twenty-five years ago I began an association with an American newspaper that has happily con- tinued ever since. From the first I was determined to do whatever an individual could to eradicate two particular Americanisms, 'Britishers' and 'Laborites' (the latter are members of the Parliamentary Labour Party).

Infiltrating into America and securing a minor editorship I was able, in one paper at least, to substi- tute 'Britons' for 'Britishers.' The customary objection was made that the only possible Britons are Ancient Britons, but experience suggests this is untrue. Readers have come to accept Britons as modern inhabitants of the British Isles. If at first they had a woad problem they have quickly overcome it.

As to 'Laborites,' I must confess failure. I do not use the word myself. But everyone else on the paper does. I have been unable to convince them that there is any substitute. Is there?—Yours faithfully,