20 FEBRUARY 1836, Page 11

Conclusive evidence has been obtained against the men concerned in

the robbery at the Mint-house, near Chipstead, in September last h will be recollected, that a gang of burglars attempted to rob this house, which was inhabited by two maiden ladies, who showed extra- ordinary courage on the occasion, and by their nephew. who armed himself with a cutlass and gun, and severely wounded one of the rob- bers. This man, whose name is James Hill, was left, as he says, " to die like a dog," by his accomplices ; and to revenge himself, he has made a confession and given evidence against them. William Arley, another of the gang, was committed for trial at the Reigate Sessions on Tuesday. Five others were implicated ; four of whom are now in Dorchester Gaol, charged with various robberies committed since the one at Chipstead. Glynllifon, Lord Newborough's splendid mansion near Carnarroa, as nearly destroyed by fire on the night of Wednesday week. Befote the single fire-engine belonging to Carnarvon could arrive, the roof bad fallen in, and the flames were seen bursting through the windows on all sides. The lawn was covered with pictures, books, and furni- ture; and except the furniture of the highest story, all was got out in time, by the aid of the people in the neighbourhood, and a body of Methodists, who were at a meeting not far from the ball, and left their devotions to aid in the preservation of the property. Lord Newbo- rough was absent on a shooting-party ; Lady Newborough, with her infant, was glad to take refuge for the night in a cottage. Her Lady- ship was putting her child to bed in the nursery, when she heard the ceiling of the room above fall in, and this was the first alarm she had of the fire. It is not mentioned how it originated.