20 FEBRUARY 1836, Page 11

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday. Mr. Humphery in- formed the Court, that proceedings to set aside his election as Alder-

man for Aldgate Ward had been commenced by Mr. Sheriff &Lemons in the Court of King's Bench ; and lie added, laying the notice of a rule for a quo warrant° on the table, that he would leave the matter in the hands of the Court.

Sir Peter Laurie said that the Court could have nothing at all to do with the proceedings. Aldermen Venables and Farebrotber were of the same opinion.

The Lord Mayor-observed that the paper could not be received by the Court.

Subsequently, a copy of the minutes of evidence on the Aldgate elec- tion was ordered to be given to Mr. Humphery's solicitor ; but the Court most positively refused to interfere in the legal process com- menced by Sheriff Salomons.

A deputation from the Revenue Committee of the Common Council applied for the particulars of the City Solicitor's bills ; but the Alder- men refused to furnish the different items, though they had no objec- tion to give a note of the gross amount.

On Wednesday, the Court of Common Council assembled. Mr. Williams moved that the Town-Clerk should supply,the information respecting the City Solicitor's charges, which the Aldermen would not allow that functionary to give. But the Court rejected the motion, by 39 to 32. The sum of 200 guineas was unanimously voted towards de- fraying the expense of rescuing the ice-bound whalers. Deputy Corney then moved that 100 guineas be subscribed for the relief of the Irish clergy. Mr. Crawford moved that the sum be 200 guineas. After some debate, the amendment was carried, on a division, by 57 to 47. Mr. Heppel moved as an addition to the amendment, a resolution,

"That the Court, in making this grant, considers it expedient to record the expression of its regret that, by the effectual resistance hitherto opposed by one branch of the Legislature to measures calculated to tranquillize Ireland, by re- moving foam the payment of tithes much of the occasion of vexation, animosity, and violence, any portion- of. tbe Proteeteurt Clergy of that part of the empire should be placed under the necessity of appealing to private benevolence."

Another division took place ; when the resolution was agreed to, by f.10 to .53.