20 FEBRUARY 1836, Page 11

The statue of the late Mr. Huskisson, sculptured at Rome,

having been finished, is expected daily at Liverpool, to be placed in the singu- lar building in the cemetery raised to his memory. The guarantee fund for the coming grand musical festival in Man- chester exceeds 14,000/., although the subscription-books have only lain in the Exchange for about ten days. The fund for the erection of a monument to the immortal James Watt does not quite reach 700/., although the subscription-books have been in the Exchange- room a month, wanting only a day or two. The above amount was subscribed at the meeting convened for the purpose ; FO that not a single name has been added to the list, notwithstanding there are up- wards of 1700 subscribers to the room.—Morning Post. The Dean of York has been summoned before the Magistrates of Sudbury, in Devonshire, for refusing to pay church-rates. Dr. Cock- burn defended the refusal, on the ground that he had no pew in the church, and therefore he had no right (business) to pay for what he did not enjoy. This was the argument urged, as it will he recollected, by Mr. Childs, of Bungay, and for the maintenance of which that gen- tleman suffered imprisonment. We are glad, however, to see the sul.- ject thus taken up by a dignitary of the Church ; as such a recognizan e of this evident principle of justice cannot fail to hasten the entire ah: - lition of such a tax upon the liberty of conscience as church-rates inlet be allowed to be.— York Courant.

Another of the Hull whalers, the Abram, has escaped from Davis's Straits, and arrived in the Humber.