20 FEBRUARY 1836, Page 13


Arrived.—At Gravesend, Feb. 19, Duchess of Northumberland, Jobliug, from Madras At Deal, 19th, Arabian, M•Gildonnev, from Matnitius. At Liverpool, 16th. Juliet Wilson, from China ; and 17th, Trio,' White, from Manilla. At. St. Helena, Dec. DIDD. Lord Hobart, Harrington, from the Cape; and Vesper, Attwood. front Mauritius ; 19th, Antelope, Adams. from London ; 21st, W. R itchie, Kahl, front Bombay ; 251h, Mary, ROIWSOD, from the Cape; Louisa, Bolter, from Batavia ; and Arabian. -- from Mauritius ; 28th, Funchal!, Ile frum China ; 29th, Margaret, Ta”lor, from the Cape. At the Cape. Dec. 13, commando, Boyes ; and Duke or Ara. le, Bristow ; 20th, Belle Alliance, Arkoll ; and 21s1, Coventry. —, from London ; Drammore, M`Callum, and Janet, Chalmers, from Mauritius. At Mauritius. Nov. 25th, Eliza, Harris, from London. At China, Aug. 15th. Scaleby Castle, Sandy s, Trusty. West ; and Alexander Baring. from London; and Jumna. Pinder from Liver. pool ; 2011), Jardine (Steamer), from Aberdeen; and 25th, Thomas Coults, Onslow Iroin London.