20 FEBRUARY 1836, Page 13



The transactions of the week in the English Funds have not been such as to call for any remark, the business having been on a very trifling scale. The severity of the weather has interrupted our communications with France fur two days, and we are without any intelligence from Paris of a later date than Monday last. The Foreign Funds admit of as little observation as the English. The Spanish Market has remained nearly stationary, in the almost total ab- sence of business.

The settlement of the half monthly account took place on Monday, and was chiefly remarkable for the absence of that demand for accommodation by the minor class of speculators, which has been usual for some time past : indeed, such is the abundance of money, that the quantity of unemployed capital is perhaps greater than it has ever been since the termination of the war. The intelligence from the Peninsula is of a very satisfactory nature. The municipalities of the great cities in the South and East, in which popular corn.. motions were feared, have all by addresses signified their adhesion to the course adopted by the Queen's Government in the dissolution of the Cortes ; and as MINA has been very successful in dispersing the Carlist bands in Catalonia, it is hoped that his force will soon be, by the total clearance of that province, en- abled, by entering Arragon, to operate upon the flank and rear of the forces of the Pretender, and thus materially to accelerate the termination of the con- test. The latest intelligence from the auxiliary forces describes them as im- proving in health; which, from the hardships incidental to a winter campaign, had previously been in a very unsatisfactory state : several of the officers have returned home invalided.

The Dutch and Russian Stocks have been in demand during the week ; and it is probable that, if the reduction of the French Five per Cents, is resolved on, the holders of that Stock will be driven into the Dutch 2i per Cents. The Railway Share Market has been in a state of great activity. Alt the shares of works now in progress have risen materially : the London and Bit- mingham had at one period advanced nearly 10/. upon our last quotations, but have since fallen back. ' The London and Southampton have improved nearly 6/. This improvement has occurred in consequence of the substance of the report, which was presented to the proprietors at a general meeting to-day, having become previously known : but although the statement is extremely favourable, no further rise has taken place in the Shares, which close lower than they have been during the day. The Great Western have also risen in like proportion. The shares of those Companies, the bills for which are now in progress through the House of Commons, have also fluc- tuated; but the tendency has generally been upwards, with the exception of the Blackwall, the shares of which have declined 11., in consequence of the proprietary of the West India Docks having joined a rival enterprise, viz. the Commercial Blackwall ; and this undertaking, which had fallen into oblivion, and of which the subscription had not been filled or the shares of which ever current, has suddenly become a favourite object of speculation, and bids fair to supersede its previously successful rival.


The Consol Market has been in a state of inactivity during the whole of the morning. The Spanish Bonds have declined per cent., in consequence of a sin i'ar depression having occurred in the price of these Securities in Paris. We have to-day received the French mails of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurs -day last. The intelligence contained in them is not of importance. The Car- lists appear to be again in force in Biscay ; they have taken the fort of Biltuaceda, and threaten Bilboa and St. Sebastian. The Railway Shares are generally at yesterday's quotations. Blackwall 14 2; ditto Commercial 1i ; Brighton 12 13; ditto Rennie's 24 ; Greenwich 9 ; Gravesend 1 ; Great Western 20 21 ; London and Birmingham 73 75; Northern and Eastern 1J ; North Midland 7 ; York and ditto 3i 4i ; Southampton 9 10.


The Spanish Stock Market has been heavy during the latter part of the day ; some sales having occurred, caused (as we are informed) by the unfavourable nature of the reports of the condition of the auxiliary forces, brought by officers who have returned from the seat of war. The closing price of the Bonds is 46?; Z. Portuguese Stock has also declined, from syrepithy with the Sp tnish. The Railway Shares close nearly at our morning's quotations; with the excep- tioa of the North and Eastern, which are 13 2 prem. Tho Shares of the original Blackwall Company- have declined about Sc., and those of the Con.- mercial improved in the sante degree. 3 • er Cent. Consols.... 993 Dutch 24 per Cents 55} Ditto for Account French 3 per Cents New 34 per Cent. Annuities 994 100 Mexican 6 per Cents. 36I 374 India Stock Portuguese 3 per pot. 53. Bank Stock . 1/o. Regency 5 per Cent .. • • F3I Exchequer Bills . 19 21pr. Russian, 1822.5 per Cent... 11574111 Belgian 5 iter Cents • 103 * Spanish. 1834.5 per Cent .. 461 Brazilian 5 per Cents. 864 Ditto, Deferred 211 bluish 3 per Cents. 77 1 Ditto, Passive