20 FEBRUARY 1836, Page 2

The prevalence of stormy weather has kept back the Foreign.

mails, and left us bare of Continental intelligence this week.

The proceedings in the French Court of Peers were closed on Sunday evening, with a long, tiresome, and vulgar harangue from FIESCHI. To the last the scoundrel aimed at maintaining the character of a sublime criminal, who committed murder to save his country, and preserve his reputation as a man of honour unspotted! He assured the Court, that but for his exploit, the Cossacks would now have been on the Rhine ; while at the same time he declared that he should have shrunk from performing it had he not pledged his word to MOREY and Peels. One thing is remarkable, that the real inducement te the commission of his crime has never been avowed by FIE!-CHI. Not the least ground of suspicion exists that he was instigated either by Carlists or Republicans; though there was a slight and utterly futile attempt to mix up the name of Prince CHARLES DE ROHAN in the affair. Our next arrival will bring the sentences passed on the prisoners by the Court.

Nothing certain respecting the new Ministerial arrangements is stated in the Paris papers of Monday, which are the latest we have received.