20 FEBRUARY 1875, Page 3

It appears to be believed in Paris that a majority

has been secured for a Senate, on a compromise proposed by M. Wallon and accepted by Marshal MacMahon. According to this project, the Senate will consist of 250 members, of whom 180 will be elected by the Councils-General, the Councils of the Arrondisse- ments, and possibly the large taxpayers, while the remaining seventy will be appointed by the Assembly itself. The elected members are to sit for six years, and the nominated members possibly for life. It is supposed that the Right Centre, Left Centre, and Left will all support this compromise, in which case its success is assured ; but some of the details may yet excite dis- union, the Left in particular feeling that it is called upon to concede too much. The power of dissolution, it must be remem- bered, and the veto are alike to be conceded to this body, which, if it is too Conservative, may arrest progressive legislation alto- gether. The Left, therefore, watch its formation with a jealousy which may prove too strong for their leaders, who are inclined to establish the Republic at all hazards.