20 FEBRUARY 1875, Page 3

The Army Estimates for the year are out, and provide

for a total force of 186,821 Regulars of all arms. Of these, 100,059 will be stationed at home, 23,912 in the Colonies (including 10,000 men in the Mediterranean), and 62,850 in India. We shall have, besides, 118,000 Militia, 12,500 Yeomanry, and 161,000 Volunteers,—or in all, little less than 400,000 trained men in the two islands. That force, if we could depend on it, would be ample, but the allegation is that much of it is on paper, that the Army is incomplete, the Militia short by 30,000 men, and the Volunteers perhaps twice as numerous as the body which would actually appear in battle. Still, to re- pist an invasion we can hardly have less than 250,000 available and efficient men. The coat of this force is £14,677,000, or nearly as much as the cost of the German Army.