20 FEBRUARY 1953, Page 17


Sta,—Thank you for your forthright criticism of the ten-per-cent. reduction in the grant for adult education and Workers' Educational Association recently announced by the Ministry of Education. It is appropriate to note that this year is the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Workers' Educational Association. Not only teachers and lecturers but thousands of others have given up time and thought to this association, and by their courageous foresight have brought the broadening and deepening benefits of liberal education to countless people who, otherwise, would have had no direct contact with its influence.

As a member of the Conservative Party (and also of the W.E.A.) I am profoundly grieved and shocked by this misanthropic and short- sighted act. I can scarcely believe that a party which, at election times at all events, claims to represent liberal opinion can perpetrate such a mean and illiberal "economy."—Yours faithfully,


High Street, Twyford, Hants.