20 FEBRUARY 1953, Page 5

The tourist allowance, I observe, has been raised from £500

to £750. Unfortunately it is the Australian allowance, not the British. The latter remains obstinately pegged at £25. While that annoys me a great deal it should give pleasure to Mr. Ashley Courtenay, who has just produced, for the twentieth successive year, his well-known volume Let's Halt Awhile, with its list of carefully-selected British hotels, with their prices; and descriptions, sometimes a little lyrical, of their various virtues. The book costs 8s. 6d., and it can be obtained through Simpkin, Marshall. It deals with all varieties of hostelries. Though I do not always agree with Mr. Courtenay, and could not expect to, I recommend his book as a serviceable guide to perplexed persons planning a holiday at home this year.