20 FEBRUARY 1959, Page 15

Zbe Opectator

FEBRUARY 22, 1834

Musts rots put the constancy of their supporters to a severe trial on Tuesday night, when they 'sum- moned them to vote in.opposition to Mr. HARVEY'S Motion for an enquiry into the state of the Pension List. It was a question 'with almost every Member who voted at all, whether he should vote for or againsi, the well-knoWn wishes of those who returned him to .Parliament. Ministers and the Country are directly at issue on this 'point.. The Country insists upon the abolition of all , unrnerited pensions; Minister4 insist on retaining every one. It is gratify- ing tofind that, notwithstanding the support Which they received'frdm the ConserVatives, who Voted,' con- sistently, in defence of' theit: avowed principleS and practice. Ministers sustained a virtual defeat., There Was a chair majority of the Reformers of the House against. Ahem, The Conservative Opposition' tititrned the scale in their favour, and gave them a miserable majority of 8 in a House of 376 Members.