20 FEBRUARY 1959, Page 22


SIR, —1 wonder whether your reviewer Frank Ker- mode has the slightest idea of the practical problems involved in producing a uniform reprint series when he remarks, 'It is absurd not to have a good photo- graph of the 'statue inside' Laocoon in EVeryman's Library. Uniform means uniform and you cannot just slip in the odd frontispiece whenever you feel in- clined. Not content with this, he continues,: 'instead of a bad one on the dust-jacket.' I have had another look at the wrapper in question and though, ad- mittedly, an interested party I really cannot see that this is a bad photograph. It is the standard view taken from the front which is the angle from which the features of this composition as pointed out by Lessing are best demonstrated and it is the view of the group which could best be made to fit inside the rigid limita- tions of a circular frame, 31 inches in diameter, which our jacket style imposes.—Yours faithfully,

Aldine House, 10-13 Bedford Street, WC2