20 FEBRUARY 1959, Page 22


SIR,—The 'Spectator's Notebook' of February 13 re- ferred to the use of an 'ancient procedure' by a member of the London County Council and com- , mented: 'Incidentally, the councillor who dug up this little-known procedure was a Labour member; I should have thought that if the Opposition there were a little more on top of its job it would have discovered it long ago, and used it frequently.'

I cannot refrain from pointing out that if Pharos were a little more in touch with proceedings at County Hall he would know that this procedure is in fact often used by the Opposition here : the last occasion being 16 December, 1958. The debate permitted under this procedure is strictly limited and for this reason it is not used even more frequently. If we wish for a full debate we put down a motion under the pro- cedure laid down in standing order 77.—Yours faith- Leader of the Opposition The County Hall, SEI

[Pharos writes: 'My apologies to the Opposition.' —Editor, Spectator.]