20 FEBRUARY 1959, Page 22


Sia,—The bands I named seemed to me to represent all phases of British endeavour in the field of what might broadly be called Pre-War Jazz, ranging from Ncanderthaloid New Orleans through Chicago style to White Dixieland. Don't they? '

I did not, of.course, conduct a person-to-person poll among the audiences of the George Lewis concerts, but I'm in no doubt that they were drawn from the Traditionalist tribe—not, for example, from the modernist clients of Jazz At The Flamingo. And it was they, I light-heartedly suggested, who probably regard Armstrong as a deviationist—not Mr. Mick Mulligan, who, I am sure, still listens intently to Arm- strong records.

Ambling innocently in without my tomahawk whetted, I had forgotten what ferocious, feudin' Wild West territory jazz-appreciation still is here.—Yours faithfully,