20 JANUARY 1838, Page 11

The Times makes out a formidable list of reinforcements needed

for the Army. Ilere is a tolerable muster for one week— Not less than on augmentation of 20,01)0 men to the present strength of the Army will enable Ministers tub carry into operation their intentions as respects Ca- nada, and at the saute time give those reliefs tee regiments in the East and elsewhere which justice and policy alike imperatively demand should be no longer delayed. Even with the addition mentioned, let its look at what hoe to be accomplished. 1. An expedition to Canada, and the replaying of those regiments recently withdrawn front Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

2. Relieving five regiments in India—namely, the Fifty. fourth, Sixteenth, Sixth, Fifty fifth, and Forty-ninth, whose period of service already there varies from 17 to 19 years.

3. Replacing two regiments, thelEleventh and Seventy-third, in the Medi- terranean, withdrawn without any relief. 4. Adding a regiment to the garrison of Gibraltar, in place of the Ninety.- third, tender orders for Canada.

5. Adding another regiment to our present strength at the Cape of Good Hope, the force there being unequal to the duties. 6. Adding another regiment to oar present strength in New South Wales, for the same reason!, as advanced in the preceding paragraph. Nor showld it be forgotten that in IS40 the epprenticeship system expires in the West Indies, and if then extra troops are not required there. it will be to us a matter for surprise. With the above in view, and no prospect of the reduction of a single man is Ireland, from the disturbed state of that country, we again assert that less than 20,000 men will not suffice to attain the objects desired. Had not events in Canada turned out as they have done, we believe it was the intention of the Secretary...at-War to have proposed the reduction of no lees than six regiments—namely, the Ninety-fourth, Ninety.fiftb, Ninety-sixth, Ninety•seventh, Ninety-eighth, and Ninety•uintb. An act of madness has saved us from this act of fully.

The Board of Ordnance has given notice that tenders will be received for supplying 2,000 shells to be delivered in the shortest time possible.

Colonel Sir George Teesdale goes out in command of the three squadrons of the King's Dragoon Guards to Canada. The depot to the Fifty-eighth Regiment has moved from Omagh to Armagh. Major Hall, late of the Staff Corps, appointed to a particular service is Canada, has sailed for that colony. The squadrons of cavalry destined for Canada are to be remounted in that country. Major Biggs, of the Seventh Hussars, accompanied by a veterinary surgeon, having received orders we proceed there, and select such homes as may be required for the purpose.