20 JANUARY 1838, Page 13

The attraction of CHARLES KEAN at Drury Lane continues. He

has repeated Lfam/et several times ; and report speaks of sonic improve- ments iu kis later performances, which we are glad to hear of. We hope F01)11 to see him in some other character, that may afford us an eppostunity of recording a more favourable impression of his talents and style of acting than we received from Lis performatee on Monday sennight. The management of Covent Garden is bestirring itself to produce a counter attraction in the way of the legitimate drama. King Lear, with the text DE SHAKSIVEAUE, is to be revived next week, with a strong cast ; and a tive.act play is announced as being in preparation. Mac- beth, as perfonned here, still draw.: even on the :light of CHARLES KEAN'S dant, there was a crowd round the doors of Covent Garden assure they opened.