20 JANUARY 1838, Page 8

The Court of Queen's Bench, on Monday, granted a rule

for a new trial in the case of buncombe versus Daniel ; on the ground that evi. deuce for the defendant was rejected, which should have been admitted. [It would seem that litigation is much increased by the carelessness or blunders of Judge's. Frequently it may be observed, that new trials are granted on the ground that the Judge misdirected the Jury, or ad. mitted or rejected evidence contrary to the rides of law.] On Wednesday, the Court granted a rule for a criminal information against the publisher of the Leicester Journal for a libel on the Corpo- ration of Leicester. The complaint of the Corporation was, that not only had the Tory petition against the return of Duckworth and East. hope been printed in the Leicester paper, but the false imputations contained in the petition, that the Corporation had illegally interfered to promote the election of the Liberals, been confirmed and aggravated by the defendant.