20 JANUARY 1866, Page 3

Mr. Emery, of the Lyceum, likes criticism when it takes

the form of praise, but when it contains blame he does not like it. The Glowworm, a little evening sheet, recently remarked that his part was on one particular evening " most efficiently spoken by the prompter," whereupon Mr. Emery brought an action for libel. It

was shown that on the night in question the prompter was very audible, but also shown that this was due to some sudden altera- tions in the words, made for " business " reasons. The jury therefore gave Mr. Emery a verdict and five guineas. Clearly the true course for newspapers when assured thus forcibly that an actor dislikes criticism is not to criticize him, either for good or evil. Would Mr. Emery bring an action for slander against a man who hissed ?