20 JANUARY 1900, Page 24

Missionary Travels and Researches in Africa. By David Living- stone.

(Ward, Lock, and Co. 2s.)—The first volume of a reissue of the "Minerva Library." The preface bears the date of October, 1857, the book having been the work of nine months spent in England after the traveller's return. It is interesting to read in it Dr. Livingstone's expression of gratitude to the King of Portugal (Pedro V.) for his liberality in providing for the support of his Makololo followers. The Portuguese are not in particularly good odour now, and it is well to bear the per contras in remembrance. Still more interesting is this remark about the Boers :—" The Boers have generally mani- fested a marked antipathy to anything but 'long-shot warfare, and sidling away in their emigrations towards the more effeminate Bechuanas, have left their quarrels with the Kaffirs to be settled by the English, and their wars to be paid for in English gold."