20 JANUARY 1900, Page 24

The Victoria Nyanza. By Paul Kollman. (Swan Sonnenschein and Co.

7s. 6d.)—Whatever the value of the Germans may be for colonisation, they are often excellent travellers. Nothing could be more thorough and painstaking than the account of the Victoria Nyanza country and ' its inhabitants given us here by Herr Kollman (who formerly held a command in the Imperial forces in German East Africa). The volume is richly illustrated from objects, collected in a great measure by the author. Some of the articles pictured, the musical instruments, for instance, give a high idea of the civilisation of the Uganda tribes. We have also a great variety, of information on various social and economical topics. Uganda would BOOM to be a better resort for reduced gentlefolk than Boulogne. A large cluster of bananas can be bought for five cowries, about equivalent to half a farthing, while sixty eggs can be bought for a penny, and a couple of fowls for something less than twopence.