20 JANUARY 1900, Page 25

Handbook of the Coins of Great Brita;n and Ireland in

the British Museum. By Herbert A. Grueber, F.S.A. With 64 Plates. (British Museum Trustees.)—We have in this comprehensive guide a description of 1,342 coins, ranging from circa 600 A.D. down to the present time, which are displayed in the Coin Corridor of the British Museum. The historical and descriptive matter, with chronologically-arranged mint-marks of eaclireige, honld make this as complete a numismatic guide as the collector wants. The plates at the end, by the Clarendon Press, are representations of the most interesting coins, and these are found by marginal references in the text. The descriptive and historical account of some of the coins represents a vast amount of research, and is of quite extraordinary interest in some cases, but we cannot, for reasons of space, quote. The book is interest- ing reading minis account alone. The list of mottoes is sugges- tive. " Qute Deus Conjunxit Homo Non Separet" is a somewhat ingenious adaptation of text, certainly not meant for the Mint. " Servio Et Usu Teror " a serve and am worn by use) is more appropriate. This handbook is in every respect worthy of the great collection it describes.