20 JANUARY 1900, Page 25

In Professor Arbor's series of anthologies we have The Spenser

Anthology, 154S-1591 A.D. (H. Frowde, 2s. 6d.), appearing after volumes later in date. Spenser himself occupies about a fifth of the volume, two considerable extracts being made from the "Peery Queen "—" The Temptation of Sir Guyon by Mammon" and "Sir Scudamore and the Lady Amoret "—while the remainder of the space is given to the Fourth Eclogue from "The Shepherd's Calendar." Robert Greene and Sir Philip Sidney come next in point of space. There are some forty other authors, among them being Lord Burleigh, who sends a New Year's present of a spinning-wheel to his daughter Anne with some verses, of which the first stanza runs thus :— " As years do grow, so cares Increase : And time will move to look to thrift ! Though year In we work nothing lees: Yet for your years, and New Year's gift, This housewife's toy Is having shift I To set you on work, some thrift to feel, I send you now a Spinning-wheel !"