20 JANUARY 1900, Page 26

A Manual of Zoology. By the late T. Jeffery Parker

and W. A. Haswell. With 300 Illustrations. (Macmillan and Co. 10s. 6d.) —There seems to be no diminution in the demand for text-books on zoology; indeed, the scope is so tremendous and the subject admits of such varied handling and arrangement that every new volume has some excellences to recommend it, some section in which the student finds more light than he had hoped for. The authors have tried to condense the work by omitting (1) certain classes altogether and (2) all extinct classes, and (3 and lastly) curtailing the subject of embryology. Some excision had to be practised, but perhaps it was a pity to leave out all the extinct species,—there is much to be learnt from them. The illustra- tions are excellent, one might almost say nearly perfect, and the volume generally needs no praise.