20 JANUARY 1900, Page 3

The American correspondent's general impression is that "the Boer dislikes

an American." That is, we believe, true, and to this fact is due the studied rudeness with which America has been treated by the Boers. People here and in the United States wonder at this, and ask how it is that clever politicians like the Boers can be so infatuated as to risk annoying so mighty a State. They forget the very practical nature of the Boer. The Boers argue, and argue very rightly :— 'The Americans cannot possibly injure us, for they cannot get at us with their ships, and they certainly will not send troops whatever we do ; therefore, it is perfectly safe for us to show our feelings. We lose nothing by being absolutely frank. Besides, we do not want to encourage Americans to come and settle here, for they do not understand our ways, and are as troublesome as the English.' The Boers, in fact, know their own minds exactly, and are not awed by such con- ventional notions as "small States must not be rude to great States." They only ask whether the great State could hurt them.