20 JANUARY 1950, Page 13

Thought in a Tank This he did. Or, at any

rate, Mrs. Piddington (who seemed singularly self-controlled throughout our enjoyable tour of the environs of S.W.1) pressed into my hand before journey's end a slip of paper on which she had written, somewhere about the top of Lower Regent Street, the title Oklahoma ! ; which was right. This is either telepathy proper, or a thundering good trick ; an easy- going man, I find either explanation satisfactory. East Monday, in the new series, Mrs. Piddington (who is capable de tout) descended into a water-tank in Surrey, equipped as a diver, while her co-opera- tive consort " transmitted " to her a line from a book. Now I do not wish to engage in controversy ; but I feel bound to point out that this line was chosen after the studio audience had been required to write down such numbers as (added, or possibly subtracted, or divided) indicated the page and line of the book. There seem to be such possibilities of jugglery here that last Monday seemed hardly a test of telepathy. But if you reduce The Piddingtons to the status of a radio music-hall turn, you must still confess it's a good one.