20 JANUARY 1967, Page 14

The Tiny World of John Osborne SIR,—In the course of

his attack on Mr Osborne's A Bond Honoured (January 6), Henry Tube quotes a passage from A Pledge Redeemed, Mr Burroughs's recently broadcast translation of La fianza satisfecha. He comments that `[the passage] would have so dwarfed Osborne's Leonido that he left out the whole speech.' In fairness to all concerned, may I point out that the passage quoted is one of the few instances in which Mr Burroughs has departed completely from the Spanish original—which which may or may not be by Lope de Vega? Mr Osborne did not leave the speech out. Mr Burroughs put it in.

[Henry Tube writes: 'Thank you for the correc- tion. The point does not, of course, alter my argu- ment, of which it was an illustration rather than the foundation, but I'm sorry that I should have chosen the one passage Mr Osborne could not have left out even if he had wished to.']