20 JULY 1844, Page 18

The Day Hours di the Church. with the Gregorian Tones.

Part L Containg, cog the Ordinary Offices through the Week. An arrangement of certain Psalms, Collects, Hymns, he., to be re- peated throughout the week by devout church-people, at Lands, Prime, Tierce, Sext, Nones, Vespers, and Compline,—that is to say, every day and all day long. The curious feature of this book is the attempt to restore, in chanting the Psalms of the Reformed Church, the monotor nous unison of the Gregorian tones. This music, however venerable and fine in itself, is so decidedly characteristic of the Romish

that its adoption would justify the worst fears as to the ulterior designs of a certain not uninfluential Church party. A finer or truer standard of ecclesiastical music titan exists in BOYCE'S Cathedral Services canna be found ; and our church-performances, where they want improvement, need look no higher.