20 JULY 1844, Page 19



On the 12th July. in Grosvenor Square, the Countess of HOME, of a daughter. On the 12th, at Embed House. near Falkirk. the Lady of Major CHALMER. of Lem. Ott the 12th, at Wimbledon, the Lady of Major OLIPHANT. of a daughter. On the 14th, the Lady of H. S. nuttiest's, Esq., of Moat Hall. York, of a daughter. On the 14th. iu Bridge Street, Southwark, the Lady of Jossen D'Aeuitsu.SAMUDA.

Esq., of a daughter.

Ou the 15th. in Lowudes Street. Belgrave Square, the Wife of EVELYN PHILIP &RA- LEY. Esq. M.P., of a son and heir.

On the 16th, the Wile of Mr. Enwseo lioness, landlord of the Royal Oak public house, Circus Street. New Road, Maryleb..ne, of three flue boys, who, with the mother. are doing eel'.

On the 16th, at Dublin, the Lady of Lieutenant WARD, of the Eleventh Hussars, ors daughter. On the 17th, at Thornham Rectory, Suffolk, the Wife of the Rev. THOMAS raumlr, M.A., of a sou.

On the 17th, the Wife of ALBERT WILLIAM Worms, Esq.. of the Herald's College, Lancaster Herald, of a daughter.


On the 3011 April, at Calcutta, GURNEY, the eldest son of DAWSON TURNER, Esq., df Great Yarmouth, to MARY ANNE HAMILTON, secuud daughter of the late Captaia avorat MinVATT, of Eastbourne.

On the 9th May, at Pooutt, Lieut.-Colonel S. B. &mew. Commandiug her Majestya Twenty-second Regiment, to MARY HARRIET, youngest daughter of Hstens Cell BE, Esq., of Caroline Street, Bedford Square.

On the 1oih July. in Guernsey, PATRICE LEONARD MACDOUGALL, Captain in the Royal. Canadian Rifles, sett of Colonel Sir Duncan Macdougall, to Louisa AUGUSTA, 11.11gIMPIE of Major General WILLIAM F. P. NAPIER.

On tile 16th, at St. Mary's Ruination Square. ARTHUR ONSLOW CREIGHTON, Esq., son of the late Captain Creighton, of the Eleventh Dragi,ons, and greeds.0 of the late Sir &chant OlISIOW, Ha rt.,G.C. B., to Mane Rosmas, second daughter of Haan Panicle, Esq.. of Montagu Square. and Ashurst Lodge. Kent. On the 16th, at St. Faith's Church, ARTHUR, sun of tlAlate Rev. STE-entre WoODHATC, M.A., and nephew of Sir Henry Hardiuge, to GRACE &Mau, fourth daughter of Hugs Kennedy, Esq., of Cultra, county Down, Ireland. Ou the Itith. at Whitgift. Yorkshire, Gsonas S. Lurree, Esq.. of Ou,elleet Grange, to ELEANOR, youngest daughter of THOMAS COULMAN, Esq., of Whitgift Hall. On the 16th. at St. James's Church, the Hutt. R. S. Csatw, M.P. fur the county Of Waterford. eldest eon of Lord Carew. to EMILY ANNE, second daughter of G. R. Patten, Esq., M.P.. and the Hon. Mrs. ProLIFs. On the 16th. at Stonebouse, Devoe, P. BENSON SvEwster, Esq., Commander R.N., fourth son of the late William Stewart. Esq., of Horn Head, county of Donegal, to CnsaLorrs Anousrs, eldest daughter of Captain Jonn Fours. R.N. On the leth, at Dover. GODFREY Wri.xs. Egg., of Willsgruve. county Roscommon. to Etazansvit Unsex', second daughter of William Robert Wills, Esq., aud the Hun. Mrs. Wills, of Suffolk House, Cheltenham, and Castierea, county Roscommon.


On the 30th April, at Princes Island, THOMAS J. Fran, Esq , Commander of the ship Glocester, youngest sou of Lieutetiaut-Colonel Fead, C.Ro late of the Grenadier Guards; in his 25th year. Ou the 10th July. at the Rectory•, Appleton. Berks, the Rev. JAMES WILLIAMS Ros- ettes, D.D., Prebendary of Wells Cathedral, above forty years Rector of Appleton; in his 74th year.

On the 10th, at Shelton Rectory, Norfolk, the Rev. SAMUEL Curren, LL. D.; End& Toth year. On the 11th. at Keith Hall, Aberdeenshire, the Earl of Kismet's ; is his 50th year. Ou the 12th. at Ea t Lone, Cornwall, Captain JOHN Hawes NICOLA., of Lb. Royal. Navy; in his 86th year.

Ou the 13th, at Kensington. EMILY, youngest surviving daughter of the late Lieut.- Colonel GILBERT BUCHANAN, Royal Engineers. On the lath, at St. Boswell's Bank, itoxbutithshire, Motersouzatc. the Wife of Lieutearaid-Colonel Sir HENRY FAIRFAX, Bart. Oe the 14th, at Great Gearies, near Ilfurd, SARAH, Widow of .Tossen Qom CY, Esq., late of Redfords, Essex; in her 90th year. On the 18th, at 13. Pall Mall East. Joua EDWARD SCOTT; aged 15 mouths.