20 JULY 1878, Page 2

Nor was this the end of the Government troubles on

the sub- ject of this dear-meat Bill. When the subject of compensation to farmers, &c., for their slaughtered cattle came up, the question arose as to the right of corporations which had laid out large Mils on cattle-markets, to compensation out of the rates for the injury which they -would suffer under this Bill ; and agreatstruggle are on this question also, the Government being at length compelled to concede that the matter of the revision of the rates in such corporations should be considered. In fact, so keenly do the Conservative Borough Members feel with the Liberals on some of the issues of this unfortunate measure, that the Government have to make concession after concession to the Opposition. When the Bill passes, if pass it does, it will be a mere torso,—a mutilated fragment of the idol in adoration of which the country gentlemen and the farmers were so fervently prostrate.