20 JULY 1878, Page 2

The Calcutta correspondent of the Times gives extracts from twelve

Native papers strongly approving the despatch of Native troops to Europe, usually on the ground that the summons IS a proof of the Queen's confidence in the loyalty of her Sepoy army. There is no reason that we know of to believe that the summons was disliked in India, and it was certainly approved in the army, which strongly feels the tedium of existence in cantonments, but the eulogies of the Native Press prove nothing. They would have been important a year ago, but since then the Press has been placed outside the Law, and at the absolute mercy of the Execu- tive. The faintest hint from the magistrates that support of this measure would be considered proof positive of loyalty would therefore be at once obeyed, as an easy method of averting fines without abandoning any opinion, natives holding quite as strongly as Europeans that till an army mutinies its business is to fight the enemies of those who pay it.