20 JULY 1878, Page 2

The danger of civil war in Montreal, for it was

nothing less, has been averted. The Orangemen, finding the Mayor resolute in forbidding their procession, and that they would have to fight police as well as mob, while uncertain of the action of the militia, gave way at the eleventh hour, and abandoned their procession. The Mayor then occupied their hall and arrested their leaders, not as a punishment, but in order to test his own legal right to prevent the procession. So deep was the passion aroused, how- ever, that the General in command sent home the local militia, but detained the soldiers from a distance ; and one dangerous riot broke out between the mob and a military detachment, during which the soldiers unhappily fired without orders, wounding two men and dispersing the mob. The soldiers were immediately placed under arrest by General Smyth. The Orange- men threaten a general gathering for another day, but the Legisla- ture will, it is believed, prohibit party processions altogether, and perhaps limit the right of open-air meeting.