20 JULY 1878, Page 2

The French Republicans and the Italian Radicals are both profoundly

irritated with the result of the Congress of Berlin. They consider that France and Italy ought to have got something in the scramble, and that England has greatly and surreptitiously increased her power in the Mediterranean. M. Gambetta will insist, it is said, on M. Waddington's removal ; the resignation of M. Corti, according to the latest telegram, has been dis- cussed in the Italian Cabinet, and all over Italy meetings are being held on behalf of " Unredeemed Italy," which visibly alarm the Government. This effervescence will cool down, but both in France and Italy an idea is growing up among statesmen that the Southern Powers ought to protect and aggrandise Greece, as their ally and agent in the Eastern Mediterranean, an idea which will have consequences. Rumours are already abroad, though as yet unauthenticated, that the Greek claim to the frontier theoretically awarded to her by Congress will be supported by the Italian Fleet.