20 JULY 1878, Page 24

Julia higrand : a Novel. From the Spanish of Don

Martin Palma. By J. W. Duffy, M.D. (Elliot Stock.)—We have so few translations from the Spanish, and we know so little of 'the Spanish literature of fiction, that it was with pleasurable anticipation we took up this book. The perusal of a few pages, however, made us lay it aside with disgust. It is an attack, by a man who asserts himself to be a Catholic, upon the religion he professes, urged with the grossest violation of that decency which is due to his possible readers, whatever their creed maybe. The translator would do well to acquire an intelligible style of writing in his own language, before he again undertakes to interpret another ; and he should also use more discretion in the choice of works to be brought before the notice of English readers.