20 JULY 1878, Page 24

Our Lord's Three Raisings from the Dead. By the Rev.

Hugh Macmillan. (Maclehose, Glasgow.)—Mr. Macmillan gives in this volume a very full exposition of the three miracles of the raising from the dead of Jairus's daughter, of the widow's son, and of Lazarus. His aim in writing has been not criticism, but edification ; and that aim he has certainly attained, for the book is one very full of comfort, and a remarkable proof of the inexhaustible fullness of the Gospel histories, for those who are able to study them with simplicity and earnestness. To such a preacher every-day life is full of parables. Thus in speaking of sleep, Mr. Macmillan says, "How solemn, how awful it is to give np the control of being, without knowing what is to become of it, to yield our- selves up to a power which may carry us whither we would not!" Mr.. Macmillan's book abounds in such suggestive passages as this.