19 JUNE 1947, Page 16


SIR,—In your exceedingly kind reference to me you say, with regard to the book on that remarkably influential newspaper, the Pall Mall Gazette, which I have had in mind for some- years, that I worked "more than half a century and more ago with. Greenwood." Although I am an octogenarian this was not so. I arrived at the Pall Mall Gazette after both Frederick Greenwood, its first editor, and John Morley, its second, had gone, and just after W. T. Stead's Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon. There is, I believe, only one other survivor of Stead's regular editorial staff. May I take the opportunity of saying that if, among your _many readers, there are any who can lend or put me in the way of getting the loan of letters from Greenwood or obtaining reminiscences of Greenwood or Morley when they were editors of the Pall Mall Gazette I shall be very grateful.—I am, yours sincerely, Idbury Manor, Kingham, Oxford. J. W. ROBERTSON SCOTT.