20 MARCH 1841, Page 20



On the 16th inst., in Charles Street. Berkeley Square, the Countess of Crt.tverr, of a sou.

On the 15th inst.. the Lady of the Rev. C. Mo:ersou DOUGHTY, of Theberton Hall, Suffolk, of a son and heir. On the 13th lust.. at Ilardwich Howse, near Reading, the Lady of Mawr PHILIP POWYS, Esq., of a son. On the 5th inst., at the Rectory, Hurstperpolut, the Lady of the Rev. CASEY H. Dolmas, of a son.

On the 14th inst., in Stamford Street, the Wife of the Rev. James Lurroat, of a daughter. On the 18th inst., at Wilton Place, the Lady of ADAM BROMILOW, Esq., Barrister-at- Law, of a son.

On the 21 ult., at Bermuda, the Lady of Captain WINTER, Seventy-sixth Regiment, of it son.

Ou the 5th inst., at Tothill, Plymouth, the Wife of the Rev. Sir J. H. SEyMOUR, Dart., of a daughter.

On the 13th iust., at Esher, the Lady of James Nuorn'r DANIELL, of a daughter. Ou the 15th inst., at Brecon, the Lady of the Rev. HUGH BOLD, of a daughter. • Ou the 16th lust., at Chastletou Rectory, Oxfordshire, the Lady of the Rev. HORATIO WESTMACE,Th or a SOU.

Ou the 17th inst., Mrs. P. H. LE BRETON, of Bedford Place, of twin sons.


On the 16th iust., at Lord Dinorbeu's. in Wales, Colonel HUGHES. C.D., brother to Lord Dinorben. to Miss FANNY STANHOPE. daughter of the Hon. Major Sir Francis Stanhope, and niece of the Earl of Harrington. Ou the 15th inst., at St. George's. Hanover Square, Sir W. WoLerost DIXIE, Bart., of Bosworth, Leicestershire, to Miss LLOYD, youngest daughter of Lieut.-General Sir Evan Lloyd and Lady Trimlestown. On the 17th inst.. at All Souls' Church, Southampton, ROBERT CORBET GORE, Fag., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, to MARY STEWART, youngest daughter of the late LieuL-Colonel Christopher Baldock. of the East India Company's Service. On the 15th inst.. at Kirkcaldy, Roamer Wines second son of Julio Royds, Esq.. of Gloucester Place, Portman Square. London. to JANE, youugest daughter of the late Walter Fergus, Esq., of Strathose, North Britain.. On the 11th inst., at Hambledon, Lieut.-Colonel BUTLER, eldest son of Thomas Butler, Esq., of Bury Lodge, to ARABELLA, daughter of Rear-Admiral Decree. On the 16th inst., at St. Thomas's Church, Haverfordwest, GEORGE Roc% Esq., of Butter Hill, High Sheriff of the county of Pembroke, to MARTHA JANE, only child of the late Rev. William Protheroe. of Stone Hall, Pembrokeshire.

On the 11th inst.. at Edge Hill. near Liverpool, E. W. .1Acasost, fourth son of W. Ward Jackson, Esq., Norrnauby Hall, North Riding of Yorkshire, to SARAH, only child of the late James Hilton, Esq., of Liverpool. On the 13th inst., at St. Luke's. Cliches, FREDERICK, only son of Thomas Gaskell, Esq., of Markham Square, to FRANCES MARLA, youngest daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Williamson, Commandant of the Royal Military Asylum.


On the 11th inst., at Lesley House, Fife, the Earl of ROTHES, in his 32d year.

On the 16th inst., at Wrottesley. Joule Bayou WitorrEsLET. in his 70th year.

Ou the 10th inst., at Brighton. Lord VALENTIA, eldest son of the Earl of Mountuorris, iu his 48th year.

On the 10th inst., at his residence, East Cosham, Hants, Admiral CHARLES WILLIAM PATERSON, in his 85th year. On the 19th iust., iu Bedford Square. Sir Jolts: RICHARDSON, Knight, late one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas, iu his 70th year. On the 15th inst., at Nottingham. Lieut.-Colouel M'Garoon, formerly of the Seven- tieth and Ninetieth Regiments, in his 63d year. On the 19th alt., at Poole, Dorset, in his 67th year, JOHN Ousel, Assistant Minister of St. Jemes's Church, and late Chaplain to the House of Correctiou. Coldbath Fields, London.

Ou the 8th January last. near Madras. East Indies. the Rev. JOHN REID, A.M., second SOB of William Reid. Esq., Peckham Rye, Surrey. in his 34th year. On the 10th inst., the Rev. HENRY PURLEY, M.A.. Chancellor of the diocese of Chichester, Vicar of Cuckfield, and nearly forty years Vicar of St. Leonard, Shore- ditch, London.

On the 27th ult., in his 24th year, the Rev. WILLIAM BRUCE, D.D.

Ou the 6th iust„ at Tuthill. Plymouth, in her 40th year, ELIZABETH, Wife of the Rev. Sir J. H. Seymour, Bart., Rector of Northehurch, Herts.

Ou the 8th inst.. at Ormesby. Norfolk, TIMOTHY FELLOWS, Esq., formerly of Notting. ham, in his 78th year; and on the 10th, his brother, ELIHrt SAMUEL FELLOWS, Esq., at Beestori, In his 75th year. Ou the 4th inst., at Whaltou, near Morpeth, Mrs. ANN MccenmousE, in her 90th year.

On the 15th inst., at the house of her daughter, in London Terrace, Hackney Road. Mrs. ELIZABETH TINDALL, Widow, in her 91st year. On the 3d iost..at Breckeuhill, near Hauwick, MARGARET KIRKLAY, in her 98th year.

At Baumber, near Horncastle, JOHN GODDARD, in his 93d year, leaving now living six children, sixty-four grandchildren, and upwards of one hundred and sixty great- grandchildren. He worked as a labourer upwards of thirty years on the Wragby turn • pike, but was blind for the last ten years. At Milford, in her 103d year, MARY Dorms, better known as "Old Aunt Mary." She was a native of Aberdeen ; and at seventeen was married to a soldier, with whom she went to America, and by whom she had fourteen children, thirteen sons and a daughter. She followed the camp in the American war, and her husband and two of her sons took part in the fierce encounter on Bunker's Hill; subsequently her husband deserted her, when she became an itinerant pedlar. She retained the use of her faculties to the day of her death.