20 MARCH 1852, Page 11

Viscount Galway, one of the new Lords in Waiting, was

reelected yes- terday, for the borough of East Retford and hundred of Baasetlaw, with- out opposition.

Cork election began on Thursday. The contest seemed likely to be closer than was at first expected ; but Free-trade accounts still said that there was "not the slightest probability that Mr. Frewen, the Protectionist, would beat Mr. Scully, the Free-trader." The Catholic Defence Asso- ciation had declared against Frewen and for Scully.

The whole scheme of defence against external foes is, we understand, in- trusted to the vigorous hands of Lord Hardinge ; who is now diligently employed, in the intervals of his Ordnance duties, in drawing up an effective plan. It will be remembered that his Lordship is favourable to a force resembling the Prussian Landwehr. It may therefore be inferred that his scheme will comprehend the establishment of some such home force.— United Service Gazette.