20 MARCH 1852, Page 19


On the 11th March, at Downham Rectory, Cambridgeslur. e, the Wife of the -Be,. Frederick Fisher, of a daughter. On the 1111', at Badger Rectory, Salop, the Wife of the Be,. T. F. Boddington, of a daughter. On the 13th, at Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, Mrs.:Charles Dickens, of a son.

On the 14th, at Littleton Rectory, the Wife of the Rev. Peter A. L. Wood, of a son. On the 14th. at Chadwell Ilectory, Essex, Emma, Wife of the Rev. Edward H. Kittoe, of a son.

On the 15th, at Ilightield,. the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel Eyre Crabbe, of a son. On the lath, at Prince's Gate, the Hon. Mrs. Hubbard, of a son.


On the 11th March, at Hedsor Church, Bucks, Captain W. Caulfield Pratt. late of H. M. Sixty-seventh Regiment, son of Colonel Pratt, of Cobra Castle, Ireland, to the Eon. Catherine Cecilia Irby. youngest daughter of Lord Boston.

On the 11th, at Melton Mowbray, Francis Geary, Esq., son of the late, and brother to the present, Sir William Geary, Bart., of Hoxon-Hoeth, Kent. to Mary Isabella, daughter of Francis Grant, Esq., of Sussex 'Villa, Regent's Park, and the Lodge, Melton Mowbray.

On the 11th, at Childwall, Lancashire, the Her. James Garbett, Vicar of Upton Bishop, Herefordshire, and Prebendary of Hereford Cathedral, to Frances, eldest daughter of the late T. T. Gerston, Esq., of Chester. On.the 13th, at St. James's, Paddington, William Steele Wilkinson, late of the First Dragoon Guards, only son of the late Major Wilkinson, K..H., Ste.' of Kensing- ton. to Emily, daughter of Sir John and Lady Hensler, of Westbourne Street, Hyde Park, and Eastwood, Essex.

On the 16th, at MarvIebene*Church, Richard Aldworth Oliver, Commander R.N., second son of the late Robert Dudley Oliver. Admiral of the Red, to.Flora, only daugh- ter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Daniel Hutchins Bellasis.

On the 16th, at Northallerton, Sir William R. C. Chaytor, Bart., of Clervaux Castle, Crol, to Mary, fourth daughter of J. Whitney Smith, Esq., of Northaller- ton, Yorkshire. On the 18th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Harry Spencer, eldest son of Harry Spencer Waddington, Esq., M.P. of Cavenham Hall, Suffolk, to Caroline, third daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir William BLauchamp Proctor, Bart., of Langley Park, Norfolk,


Early in November, lost, on the coast of Africa, in a captured slaver, Gilbert Elliot, Lieutenant R.N., only son of the Dean of Bristol; in his 22d year. On the 14th January, shot by the Momunds, in the Michenee territory, Punjab, while riding near the Fort of Dubb, Arthur Boulnois, Lieutenant Bengal Engineers, second son of William Boulnois, Esq., of St. John's Word; in his 22d year.

On the 9th March, at Paris, Joseph Pole Carew, Esq.., eldest son of the late Right Hon. Reginald Pole Carew, of Antony, Cornwall ; in his 65th year.

On the 9th, the Rev. Phelips Hanharn, M.A., Rector of Hinton Martel, Dorset, and fourth son of the Lie Rev. Sir James llanham, Bart., of Deans Court, In the same county. On the 10th, at the Vicarage, Yardley, Worcestershire, Maria Phillippe Artemisia, Wife of the Rev. Henry Gwyther, and mother of the Hight Hon. Lord Milford; in her 80th year. On the 11th, in Charles Street, Berkeley Square. the Hon. William Booth Grey, brother to the late, and great uncle to the present, Earl of Stamford and Warring- ton; in his 79th year. On the 15th, at Campsall Hall, near Doncaster, Charles Thorold Wood, Esq., of South Thoresby„ in the county of Lincoln ; in his 76th year. On the 13th, in Eaton Square, the Marchioness Dowager of Thomond; in her 77th year. On the 13th, at Blendworth, Hants, Lady Seymour, Widow of the late Rear-Ad- miral Sir Michael Seymour, Bart., K.C.B.; in her 77th year. On the 13th, at Askham, near York, Robert Swann, Esq.; in his 92d year. On the 15th, at Vanbrugh Lodge, Blackheath, Captain Sir Samuel Brown. R.N.

On the 18th, at Gogar Bank, near Edinburgh, the Hon. Elizabeth Dundee, Widow of the Right lion. Robert Dundas, of Armaton, Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland, and eldest daughter of Henry first Viscount Melville; in her 86th year.