20 MARCH 1852, Page 8


Lord Eglinton received two addresses of congratulation on Tuesday ; the one from the Provost, Fellows, and Students of Trinity College, writ- ten in Latin ; and the other from the Mayor, Aldermen, and Corporation of Dublin. The former was received in the Presence Chamber, and the latter in St. Patrick's Hall. This change of locality was caused by the sudden discovery that the flooring of the Presence Chamber had sunk three or four inches under the weight of the great crowd of the attenders.

Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day, was celebrated by an Irish row in Dublin streets. When the guard was relieved at 'the Castle, a great crowd was drawn together by the hope of hearing the patriotic, airs, and seeing Lord and Lady Eglinton appear on the balcony wearing sham- rocks. A portion of the same crowd followed the soldiers home, demon- strating their satisfaction on the way by walking bareheaded in honour of the day. On their return they continued to call out, "Hats off! and as some persons refused a row ensued. The Police interfered, and were driven back into the stationhouse. Stones were flying in all three- dons, and much glass was broken. But in the midst of their triumph a troop of Horse Artillery came up, and dismounting, joined the Police, routed the mob, and made several prisoners. A monk named John Syngian Bridgman was convicted before Baron Le- fro at the Mayo S..,ives, of having burned a Bible of the authorized ver- ,10;,' declaring that it was "not the Word of God, but the Word of the De- Devil's Book—Luther's Bible, or your heretic Bible." The charge, or course, was for blasphemy. The monk was bound over to keep the peace woven years. }tr. Pierce Creaghe, who had taken some lands at Relehine, was nearly the victim of a Maud attack : a shot was fired at him as he was returning home in a car, in the evening ; but the assassins missed their aim.

A party of six persons returning in a car from a wedding at Gurtagregane, county of Cork, early in the morning, in attempting to pass the ford of Rill- belle were carried away by a strong flood-tide, and only one was rescued.